Experience Mixological Elegance At Lennys Lounge

Dive into luxury at Lennys Lounge, where each sip is a crafted masterpiece. Join Mount Gambier’s elite in opulent surroundings, indulging in exquisite artisanal cocktails—a symphony for the connoisseur’s soul.

A Glimpse into Lennys Lounge

Where Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Indulgence

Established in the dawn of 2022, Lennys Lounge stands as the epitome of exclusivity, defining the pinnacle of high-end dining in Mount Gambier. Our opulent space seamlessly marries the contemporary allure of a large covered outdoor seating area with the timeless charm of the Blue Lake Oatmeal Mill, a historic gem dating back to 1870. Immerse yourself in an ambiance that whispers of tradition yet resonates with modern luxury. Lennys Lounge, where each moment is an experience—a symphony of history and indulgence.

“As the maestro behind Lennys Lounge, I cherish the idea of friends gathering, sharing exquisite food, and creating lasting memories. It’s more than a meal; it’s an experience. Come, savor the moment with delectable cuisine and crafted drinks.”

— Nick Moretti

Founder & Visionary, Lennys Lounge

Discover Lennys Lounge

Gourmet Drinks

Indulge in handcrafted cocktails, a symphony of premium libations

Culinary Delights

Explore a curated menu featuring tempting grazing boards and artisanal treats

Ambiance Excellence

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere blending modern allure with historical charm

Tailored Experiences

Customize your celebration with bespoke events and personalized menu options

Sip Perfection, Savor Elegance

Lennys Lounge's Finest Cocktails

Tropical Playground


gin, passionfruit, vanilla syrup & pineapple juice

Cranberry Gin Twist


gin, cointreau, cranberry juice & lemon juice

Cloud 9


violet gin, tripple sec & violet liquer

Love Potion


vodka, pavan, lemon juice, parfait amor & cranbery juice

Sole Gin


sloe gin, simple syrup & lemon juice



rum, sloe gin, apricot brandy & lime juice

Chambord Royale


gin, pavan, chamboard & lemon juice

Apple Delight


mezcal, tripple sec, maple syrup & apple juice

Unmatched Experiences Await

Indulgent Evenings

Elevate your evenings with handcrafted cocktails and libations, each sip a celebration of mixological artistry.

Private Events

Host stylish events in our transformed venue—perfect for corporate functions and special celebrations. Immerse yourself in unmatched service and ambiance.

Signature Gatherings

Experience more than just an evening out. Lennys Lounge hosts signature events, live music nights, and exclusive gatherings, ensuring every visit is an extraordinary celebration.

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