A Glimpse into Lennys Lounge

Where Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Indulgence

Established in the dawn of 2022, Lennys Lounge stands as the epitome of exclusivity, defining the pinnacle of high-end dining in Mount Gambier. Our opulent space seamlessly marries the contemporary allure of a large covered outdoor seating area with the timeless charm of the Blue Lake Oatmeal Mill, a historic gem dating back to 1870. Immerse yourself in an ambiance that whispers of tradition yet resonates with modern luxury. Lennys Lounge, where each moment is an experience—a symphony of history and indulgence.

“As the maestro behind Lennys Lounge, I cherish the idea of friends gathering, sharing exquisite food, and creating lasting memories. It’s more than a meal; it’s an experience. Come, savor the moment with delectable cuisine and crafted drinks.”

— Nick Moretti

Founder & Visionary, Lennys Lounge


From the timeless allure of Gin and Tonic to the exotic notes of a Pina Colada, our cocktail menu is a journey of refined taste. Elevate your evenings with classics like the Old Fashioned or embrace modern delights such as the Espresso Martini. Each cocktail is a crafted symphony, inviting you to sip and savor the pinnacle of mixology.

A look behind the scenes

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